About Us

The staff of the Vision School & College is highly qualified, energetic, professionally trained and skilled. All of them are mentally, socially, physically, emotionally and morally sound. For further professional development "staff development day (SDD) is arranged each month to enhance their teaching skills in a modern way.
The Vision School & College maintains modern teaching methodology with activities based learning in which all students are given chance to participate actively without any hesitation to ensure student-centered learning in student-centered classrooms. As it is a fact that teaching methodology is a significant part or we can say that it is a back bone of education in teaching learning process so, the Vision School & College gives special attention and importance to teaching methodology e.g. question-answer method, psychological method, sharing and participative method etc.
As writing plays an integral part in learning process especially for the beginners, giving proper consideration to this area The Vision School & College focuses on writing skill of the students in form of calligraphy which is conducted weekly and in order to motivate and further encourage the students towards best writing competition is held among the students and commendation certificate sari awarded to them to appreciate their efforts. Beside the general calligraphy the Vision school has also provided the students a set of calligraphy notebooks English as well as Urdu.
The Vision School & College has advance and well-equipped computer lab and library where the students can watch and read according to their own will and to enhance their reading and watching informative materials available at the school to make them take interest in such things. Moreover computer is a compulsory subject in the school from class 1 to 5. Our computer lab. Is one of the advanced lab that meets the needs of the students? Our library is one of the most decorated site of the school and contains about 500 books on various topics and subjects.
The VSC annually selects the best curriculum among all available, for each and every academic year. For this purpose VSC has its own selection committee to study, observe and filter the best books for each subject. Currently The VSC has the Oxford curriculum, which contains rich vocabulary, grammar, creativity and focus on general/Islamic knowledge, is taught to make the students socially, morally and mentally fueled to lead their lives according to our respected religion Islam.
The Classes are decorated with advance and attractive sitting arrangement, writing board, notice board and activity board, conducive environment in summer and winter seasons respectively where students feel at home in smooth learning environment. The school has ideal educational classrooms. The length, height, width and size is cent percent psychological and personal. They are airy and ventilated with sufficient light. We have the most advance and comfortable furniture for students. All the classrooms are well-decorated with educational charts and models.
Apart from improving their academic quality we focus on the personal grooming and character building of the students by proper counselling with them from time to time to show them the right way to go on and to achieve their goals in the best possible manner.

About Vision School & College

Our Building

Swat which is known for its natural beauty, is called the Switzerland of Asia. Everywhere green and lush fields are seen that make an eye-catching sight for the beholders. In this pan aroma of such greenery is located The Vision School & College.

The school has an ideal one story building, situated near the main road leading to Matta, within a walking distance from kanju Chowk and is easily accessible. It is newly constructed educational building having reception, principal office, director office, staff room, functional hall, library, computer lab, tuck-shop, sports area, hygienic washroom, lobbies and wide open lawn. The conspicuous feature of the institution is that it is not rented one but the own property of the director so up gradation, enlargement, changes and construction will be routine activity in future.